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In an ideal world, our services would not be needed. Since title issues DO exist, we are glad you found us.


First Coast Title Services, Inc. was established in 1989 and provides Northeast Florida with the professional service you expect and deserve. We work hand-in-hand with Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Lenders, and Individual Buyers and Sellers to ensure timely and accurate closing transactions.


Yes, we provide title insurance, but we do so much more. Behind the scenes, we are performing an extensive title search of your property, clearing active (or potential) title issues, preparing closing documents, ordering surveys & payoff statements, and coordinating the closing for all parties involved.


Our staff takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service. No question is a “dumb” question. We understand that buying, selling, or refinancing property is a mysterious world for most. If you have questions, then we have answers. We are happy to help.

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For a full list of our services including support and consultancy for start-up businesses please see the Our Services section of the website.